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SkyCrux is a climbing company in every aspect of the working at-height industries. Ropes, rigging, and climbing is what we specialize in, but not all that we do for our clients... SkyCrux specializes in high-line rope access haul systems. We integrate technology into our systems with drones & digital load cells... --- SkyCrux projects include high-rise projects to entertainment production rigging, with rescue services. SkyCrux as well contract climbs for complex tree projects over structures that need to be rigged out with rope techniques.

- Arenas to High-Rises, cliff side, bridges + many unique structures & projects for all your access needs - Rope & Rigging experts with Spec.Ops techniques for complex situations and the most dangerous scenarios... Specializing in high-lines & haul systems... NDT + Spec.Ops cert.

Entertainment rigging production company - Houston Texas Music/Arts/Entertainment/Aerial Arts - 15+ years experience rigging shows, leading builds from festivals to arena's, venues & theatres; as well as rope access integration training teams, and rigging aerialists in multiple performer flying set-ups...

- Spec.Ops. Advanced Rope Rescue Technicians - Stand-by Rescue services - SkyCrux is certified to provide rescue services, we train consistently on all types of rope access systems, along with hone our skills at a Spec. Ops. world class rescue training center for the most up to date search & rescue skill sets and knowledge.

Clients Trusted By:

SkyCrux has developed solid long term relationships and a reputation with many wondrous clients as top notch rope technicians for the craft. We feature some of our clientele from SkyCrux projects. S.A.S has a great partnership with our install consociation Sound & Pixel Inc. As well as providing clients across Texas with arenas to stadiums quality efficient riggers. SkyCrux has multiple projects we have managed from festivals, theatres, schools, to churches of all sizes. We specialize in high-line rope access to project managing BFT self-climbing festival grid structures to installs. Contact SkyCrux to see how we can help your next project go smoother...